On Page SEO For Cleaning Businesses

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On page SEO or search engine optimization for cleaning businesses begins with the keywords. In your area, people are searching for your type of service. They use specific keywords to find services like yours.

Google has a great tool called: Keyword planner. When you use your Google account (free) and access this tool (just search Google keyword planner) then you can choose to either input a website or input keywords and Google will spit out a list of keywords. You can choose the top ranking competitors in your area (whichever websites are ranking in the top positions.) And input their url into the website option and see what keywords Google gives you.

In general people search phrases like maid service (city, state), house cleaning service (city state), office cleaning service (city state) cleaning service (city state). The list goes on.

Whatever your type of cleaning business focuses on, whether it’s a residential maid service, or construction cleanup, there are target keywords that need to be inputted correctly (placement matters!) into your website. Also, you CANNOT overuse your keywords or Google will penalize your website.

Here is a quick “cheat sheet” on how to correctly place your primary and secondary keywords.

Primary keyword in the first paragraph and bolded

Secondary keyword in the first 3 paragraphs and italicized

Primary keyword as H2 heading

Primary keyword italicized in last paragraph

Use meta description – primary and secondary keywords

Tags- primary and secondary keywords

When you choose your keywords, it’s best to choose low competition keywords. If you are ready to move forward with having your local seo solutions provided by Smart Marketing, please schedule your 15 min. call now!

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