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Here are some quick secrets to advertising for cleaning businesses:

#1. Use SEO. (If you use SEO each month, your website will sit in the top of the front page position and will be found by the customers that are seeking services like yours. Most business comes in through the website, so this should always be the primary place you invest your advertising dollars.)

#2. Use Pay Per Click Ads instead of magazine/print advertising (or radio or tv ads). Why? Because more people spend their time online now instead of reading magazines, the newspaper. You want to reach your customers either while they’re relaxing (on Facebook) or while they are actively searching for a service like yours. You don’t want to waste advertising dollars on a radio ad that people may hear when they are hurrying about, paying attention to traffic etc. If you spend $4000 a month on print ads, that is reaching a demographic that you can reach online through Facebook, (only you can reach those same people daily using Facebook, instead of hoping they happen across your ad if they pick up the magazine once in a month). It’s a much better return on your investment. (Spend the same money, reach them more frequently.)

#3. People want to be entertained. They want to feel special, and important. Your ad needs to be about them, not your company as much. (Example: If you are running a maid service that targets high income moms, your ad could be of a mother with children, “You Relax. We Clean.” ( instead of showing your team, and listing your company features/benefits ) We work to connect with them, not try to get them to connect with us. 

#4. Using the word “love”. In advertising, it’s really a combination of words, (sales copy), art (image) and psychology- to trigger an emotion to cause a person to take action (call us and book). We can use fear, that is done a lot in advertising, but another underutilized emotion is love. Using the word love has a positive connotation and we want our businesses to be in the “positive, top of mind awareness” for our customers. So every ad, and every post our company puts out, we want our prospects to over time, think of us positively, and see our ads so much that when the need arises, we are the first that comes to their minds. Just using the word “love” in some of our advertising/website, etc. can help tip the scale for the customer to want to do business with us. 

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