Digital Advertising

Facebook Advertising and Local SEO Solutions

Digital advertising on Facebook ties into local seo solutions because it allows you to scale your business quickly. We can reach potential customers targeted either by their location, income level, interests, behaviors, education level, or other demographics. We can also link the ads back to your website. But buyer beware, you can waste a lot of money on Facebook if you don’t know what you’re doing.

You can target your area, but are all the people in your area your target customers? No, only the ones with disposable income are.

But if you’re still stuck on print advertising: Why pay for a print ad that MIGHT be seen once a month (if you’re lucky) when you can have a professional ad run daily on Facebook and get seen by the same prospects daily? Think about it. We use Facebook Ads as part of our local seo solutions.

Facebook ads work when someone who knows what they’re doing is running the ads. Why? There’s such a thing as a Facebook Pixel, a piece of code, that gets attached to your website. When a potential customer sees your ad and then clicks it, then is routed to your website, that code tracks what happened. Later, if they don’t take action, we do what is called “re-targeting.’ We take an ad, and run it to re-target every person who came to your website and didn’t take action. The ROI on retargeted ads is usually over 400%.

Facebook intelligence data allows you a unique edge in any marketplace.

What’s The Process?

  • Consultation (We discuss your goals, business, target customer, and budget)
  • Research (I research information to create the best strategy.)
  • Develop Campaigns (Create ads, set up campaigns)
  • Launch Campaigns
  • Analyze & Manage Campaigns (I work to get you the best ROI.)

Excellent! -Dave O. with Valentus