Local SEO

On Page SEO

We provide on page SEO to help websites rank on the first page of Google. With ten years of experience, we know what NOT to do in order to stay on the safe side with Google, and we know what to do to help you rank where you can actually be found.

Search Engine Optimization can be broken down into a few categories: (On Page SEO, Backlinks, Content, and Social Media).

On page seo (on your website, that is where we take the keywords that people use to find your website) and we place them correctly, without overusing them, and Google recognizes what your site is about. Google then helps people to find your site. Month 1 is all about setting up your on site SEO.

Other SEO: Content, Articles, Backlinks, Social Media

After on page SEO is complete, we focus on content with SEO laced wording, images, and tags. We also focus on backlinks, articles pointing back to your website, and your social media presence, having correct keywords in place.